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Academic Professional Development (APD) offers ongoing evaluation, examination and enhancement of learning, teaching and assessment practices.

At Coventry University Group we have developed an Academic Development Framework that guides our staff that teach and/or support teaching through the multitude of opportunities for their academic professional development. We consider that professional development starts from looking inwards (reflect) before we can look outwards for developmental opportunities.

At Coventry University group, our provision of Academic Professional Development activities comes in a wide range of forms and includes opportunities for Exploration, Participation and Sharing. 

Our website provides a wealth of information for your development:

To make things easier for your navigation we have organised our academic development resources and opportunities around six themes. 

Those are:

  • Inclusive Practice and Self and Others' Wellbeing,
  • Learning Design,
  • Teaching Practice,
  • Assessment and Feedback Practices,
  • Sharing Practice and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning,
  • Leadership and Management of HE.  

Next Steps

If you would like to discuss specific professional development requirements, please do get in touch and we will be happy to help and find the right session for you.