The Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in HE (PGCAPHE) is a course designed to provide an opportunity for academic practitioners working in the Higher Education (HE) context to engage in initial and continuing professional development in teaching and supporting learning in HE. Successful completion of the course also leads to professional recognition with the Higher Education Academy.

The course explores issues that HE practitioners are likely to encounter in their academic practice including (but not limited to) HE learning, teaching and assessment practices, academic leadership, quality assurance and curriculum development with a view to enhance the learning and teaching experience for both the diverse community of students and staff here at CU and internationally.  A range of learning, teaching and assessment approaches are employed and modelled by the course team as a way to introduce an authentic learning and teaching experience.

Who is the course for?

The course is for academic staff with substantial teaching, learning and assessment responsibilities in a higher education context.  To join the course you are required to have a current and ongoing teaching responsibility at HE level. 

Academic staff with several years of teaching experience (e.g. 3 years or more full time within HE) maybe able to claim credit (APEL) for part of the course.

How long will the course take? 

The course is available only through a part-time mode of study and can be completed within one academic year or spread across two years.

Entry requirements

  • Applicants need to hold a first degree, or equivalent, and being able to undertake postgraduate study alongside their academic/teaching job role.
  • Applicants need to be have a substantial role in supporting students in teaching, learning and assessment as the learning experience involves exploring and applying the learning in their own practice.  
  • Applicants that have successfully completed the Introduction to Teaching and Learning in HE (M01ODL) maybe able to join the course. Evidence of substantial involvement in supporting students in teaching, learning and assessment is required, to be considered for credit (APEL) for part of the full PgCAPHE.

When is the Next Intake?

The course has just gone through periodic review (Oct 2017) and the new version of the course which will be available from May 2018, following HEA accreditation, will consist of three x 20 credits modules, each delivered over 13 weeks.  The new modules are:

·       Developing and Enhancing Teaching Practice in HE

·       Developing and Enhancing Assessment and Feedback in HE

·       Designing Curriculum in a HE Context

The new course will have a blended delivery, combining online study blocks through the FutureLearn platform with some face to face collaborative learning sets, seminars and support sessions.  A timetable of face to face sessions will be made available once the commencement date for the first module has been finalised. 

The course documentation has recently been submitted to the Higher Education Academy for re-accreditation such that HEA Fellowship (professional recognition) can be awarded on completion, along with the PGCAPHE qualification, as with the current iteration of the course.  This does mean that a final set of course documentation is not yet available for circulation.

In the meantime, please complete an application form and return it to  If you meet the entry requirements for the PGCAPHE, your name will be put onto our list of April/May 2018 starters.

However, if your role is supporting learning and teaching, e.g. PGRs, assistant lecturers or support or professional staff, you maybe be directed to the M01ODL module – Introduction to Teaching in HE, instead of the full PGCAPHE.  M01ODL is also due to start in March 2018. 

If you have any other questions about the course, please email