The Course Quality Enhancement & Monitoring [CQEM] process is an essential mechanism underpinning the development of a course-focused approach for the student experience.  CQEM is an on-going process of review and development.  

The key objectives, of the CQEM process, are to:

  • Maintain academic standards against the QAA standards 
  • Appraise the extent of student achievement against course learning outcomes 
  • Review the student experience and quality of educational support to students
  • Determine alignment to the Educational Strategy and Corporate Strategy 2030
  • Identify good practice by course teams and highlight areas for change 
  • Meet Professional Statutory Regulatory Bodies (PSRB) / external requirements

This site provides guidance information on the process and expectations for CQEM.  It consists of an introductory section and guidance for completing the CQEM template.  The template guidance as well as providing pointers as to where data can be located and prompts for course teams to consider when reviewing their course it also provides links to useful tools that can be used throughout the year for course teams to explore their practice and understanding of key issues.  

Download full guidance resource in pdf format.

Deadlines for completing and updating CQEM reports, within any year are:

  • Full report - 30th September
  • Updated Action Plan - 28th February

Module Cluster CQEM reports

For CQEM reports that are based on module clusters rather than programmes a separate template has been produced along with accompanying guidance document.