The University has a course-based approach to programme development and annual review. This provides a more holistic view of the student learning experience ensuring coherence and progression in the programmes, working toward clear Course Learning Outcomes. A course level focus also ensures that all stake-holders in the delivery of the programme, academic and professional services, are involved in the design and on-going review.

All new courses and those due for periodic review are validated through the Course Development Approval and Review (CDAR) process. 

The Course Quality Enhancement and Monitoring (CQEM) process is the yearly quality review for all courses. The main objective is for the course team and relevant stakeholders to iteratively develop the course for each cycle.

These pages provide support information for CDAR and CQEM. In addition to the information provided here the Academic Development Team are available to provide specific support before and during both the CDAR and CQEM process.