Prevent is part of a Government initiative to help protect and safeguard vulnerable people who may be susceptible to radicalisation by extremist terrorist groups and ideology. Anyone within the University who works with students are advised to engage with this training package. 

The online package contains video clips and interactive material, provided by the Home Office. The online course gives you an opportunity to interact with the on-line materials and helps you to identify and therefore safeguard those who might be vulnerable to radicalisation. 

To access most of the resources in this page you will need to use your Coventry University ID details.

Online Training

  •  Step #1   To complete the training please fill in the first page of the feedback form (editable PDF or Word file), which is essential to completing the training.
  •  Step #2   Check the PPT slides with narration. 
  •  Step #3   When you have done this, click the Home Office training package to access the online training. The package should take about forty-five minutes to complete.
  •  Step #4   Once you have completed the package, please fill in page two of the same feedback form.  It is essential to do this to prove that you have completed the training to the Universities satisfaction.
  •  Step #5   Then please send your certificate and the completed feedback form with both sides completed to


If you do have concerns or questions, please check the contact list with further details.