Principles and Values

To meet the challenge of delivering our programmes remotely under the restrictions that the Covid-19 pandemic has created the University has developed a set of design values to inform our teaching and learning. These are that the learning opportunities we create for our students must be:

  • Active - Students actively engage in learning and learning activities
  • Applied - Learning is applied with problems and activities as a stimulus for learning.
  • Social - Students interact regularly with staff and peers
  • Inclusive - Teaching and learning designed to be inclusive and accessible to all.


Key Teaching and Learning Design Values and Principles

This page pulls together support and guidance information that is available to help design and deliver programmes that reflect these values. 

Teaching Knowledge Base

The aim of this knowledge base is to provide a wealth of practical, easy-to-follow tips to help you become the best educator you can be.

It brings together the expertise of colleagues across the university group to create teaching-focused guides to cover the following areas: Learning Design, Create Content, Engage students, Digital tools, Assess students and give feedback, Promote student wellbeing, Design curricula, Develop your professional skills, Policies and guidelines, Contribute to the knowledge base

Remote Teaching


This document, "Contingency planning: alternatives to face-to-face assessment" (PDF), provides some manageable alternatives to consider, together with some important considerations. You can find reasonable adjustments to be used in times of crisis, which will not exactly replicate the original assessments, but may offer your students some manageable alternatives in challenging times.

You can find more resources with ideas and suggestions on the follwoing topics:

Learning Design

To exploit the full potential of digital learning requires taking a clear learning design led approach. These resources provides ideas to help this process:

Student Support

The resources below are designed for use by students.


The Learning Object below can be incorporated into your learning design