Linkedin Learning is an online skills development service. It hosts a library of video courses in a range of subject areas. You can use Linkedin Learning to learn digital, technology, creative and business skills. Coventry University offers this software free of charge to all staff and students.

Formerly known as, the platform can complement course delivery or your support your own personal development. You can use it to increase your knowledge base or widen your skillset in other areas.

Academic staff can use Linkedin Learning resources to support both their:

  1. own professional development (e.g. to learn about different forms of assessment and teaching methods) and
  2. teaching practice (e.g. using a video on a specific topic in class, or having students watch it beforehand as part of a flipped learning approach).

Benefits of using Linkedin Learning

  1. Unlimited access to Linkedin Learning anytime, anywhere.
  2. Build Linkedin Learning courses into module delivery to enrich the face to face time with your students.
  3. New courses added weekly - keep your skills up to date with the fast-changing pace of technology.
  4. Learn on the go – you can download the app and watch courses on your mobile device offline.
  5. Save courses – the playlists feature lets you create and manage a list of courses. Share these with your students or save in your personal profile
  6. Watch as much or as little as you want – courses are in small chunks, so it’s easy to find quick answers to specific questions.
  7. Expert teachers –instructors are professionals in their fields and are passionate about sharing their expertise.
  8. Top-quality videos – compelling videos use screenshots, narration, live action, smart boards, charts, graphics, and audio.
  9. Certificates of completion – earn certificates of completion for each course viewed.

How to access

You can access Linkedin Learning by visiting:

  1. Click on sign in button
  2. Click the sign in through your Organization tab
  3. Enter your organization’s URL exactly as it's displayed in here in bold ( and click Log In.
  4. Enter the credentials you use to sign in with your organization.

To learn more about logging in through your organization, please review the article found here: