The Curriculum Transformation Project has been established to review all faculty undergraduate courses (with the exception of health programmes in nursing, midwifery and allied health), with the aim of completing development and review by the end of February 2022 for delivery from September 2023.

Links to the key University documentation are provided below, these outline what needs to be done.  These pages, developed by Academic Development and Curriculum 2025, provide additional guidance focused on how course teams can re-design their programmes based on the principles established for the project.  They are organised around themes of assessment design , course design and the graduate attributes framework. 

In addition a programme of support sessions will be offered through January-February 2022.  This support is outlined on the pages linked below.

University Documentation

Links to University supporting documentation will be provided here.  Links provided will be to documents on the Staff Portal.  The documents, when available, will include:  Principles of curriculum design; Principles of active teaching and learning; Principles of assessment; Programme specification template; Module descriptor (MID) template; Assessment strategy template.


  • Support Sessions
    • This page will provide details of the support sessions available through January – February 2022
  • Assessment Design
    • For supporting guidance and resources, including Core Assessments, Course-based assessments, Authentic Assessment design
  • Graduate Attributes
    • This page will provide guidance on how courses can embed the new Graduate Attributes Framework
  • Course design
    • This page pulls together a range of key resources, including external reference documents, that inform course design.  Specific guidance will be provided for the move to a common first year for the subject clusters, inclusive design and writing learning outcomes.