Student engagement is a key strategy at Coventry University. We empower our students to be involved as co-creators to shape their educational experience. We engage both students and staff to achieve the best partnership required for developing a cohesive higher education community.

"We will demonstrate our core value of 'excellence in education and student engagement' by reflecting the changing nature of the learning experience." 

CU Corporate Strategy 2015-2021

We work with colleagues internally and externally to co-ordinate and widen engagement of students in areas of course development (CDAR), and annual review process (CQEM). We facilitate a variety of opportunities for our students to engage effectively in curricular and extra-curricular activities. 

For academic development, we conduct research on student engagement in order to provide expertise, insights and keep up-to-date with current good practice. We gather feedback using a 'mixed methods' approach to proffer solutions for education enhancement. 

Access the links on this page for more information and do contact us here if you need support with evaluating your effectiveness with student engagement. We very much look forward to working with you.