What we do

We support institutional strategy and priorities through formal and informal academic professional development activity and supporting course teams in course development and delivery.  Our portfolio of activity includes:

 Development activity – the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in Higher Education (PGCAPHE) and the Introduction to Teaching and Learning in HE professional development module (7010CRB); direct route to professional recognition;

 Course and academic development – academic induction; a wide-ranging programme of academic professional development; online resources and guidance including case studies tp share practice; CDAR and CQEM support and guidance;

 Targeted interventions – academic induction and support for staff new to the University; bespoke advice and development support for faculties, subsidiaries and those in academic leadership roles (Course Directors and Module Leaders).



Head of Academic Development
Martin Jenkins

Academic Developers
Alice Lau (on maternity leave)
Annie Bryan 
Brinder Rajpal 
Hannelie Du Plessis-Walker
Ian Upton
Jess Bishop
Louise Wilson
Luis Pereira
Mojtaba Ammari-Allahyari
Peter Harrison
Susan Bray

Faculty Academic Developers 
Claire Simmons | FAH
Gail Forrester-Gale | HLS
Adriana Ortiz | EEC
Tammy Mudd | FBL

Admin Team 

Julie Howarth
Nikki Fletcher

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