Academic induction aims to help all new academic staff with lecturing responsibilities settle quickly into the job role and assist them to get to grips with what they need to know as they become part of the academic and teaching community at Coventry.

New starters are provided with the knowledge to equip them for life as part of a teaching community here at Coventry and the information required to deliver excellent learning experiences for our students.

New staff are provided with an overview of different topic areas aimed to help them to learn what to do in relation to teaching, marking and assessment responsibilities. This stage of their development is supported by a workbook, new lecturer checklists and an introduction to the various acronyms used at Coventry and within higher education teaching practice.

Existing academic staff are welcome to come along and to keep abreast of any changes since they joined, or if they started before this course was launched, by simply contacting Julie Haworth on extension 655111 or by emailing .

Please click here to view the Academic Induction PowerPoint with links to various relevant support services at the University.