Advance HE Fellowship demonstrates a personal and institutional commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education. It provides individuals with recognition of their practice, impact and leadership of teaching and learning and is also recognised internationally. Each of the four categories have their own application forms, mapping documentation and guide. See the links on this page to access them.

Below are the panel dates for this academic year. Results will be released in the week following each panel:  Moodle will still be in use for October Panel 2021 submissions.

Panel Dates 2021/2022 

Submission Cut Off Date Panel Dates
Wednesday 8th September 2021  Wednesday 20th October 2021
Wednesday 12th January 2022  Wednesday 23rd February 2022
Wednesday 18th May 2022 Wednesday 29th June 2022

Contact Susan Bray if you need initial advice or as you progress through your application. Attending a workshop or webinar is strongly recommended. 

1 to 1 Support Slots

There are also a few 1 to 1 support sessions available via Teams, for those who have already attended a workshop or webinar and produced a draft of their application, but need some additional help before submission (one session only per person please).  These 1 to 1 support slots may be booked, via the Moodle link, on the page for your category of Fellowship. Please ensure that you have self enrolled (key is HEA2015) and joined the panel group for the next available panel date, within the submission area first.  This will then enable you to book one of the 1 to 1 support slots. Susan will contact you via Teams.  Please be ready to share your draft application, in order to receive verbal feedback. Alternatively, you may email a copy of your completed application to Susan Bray who will take a look at it for you, before you submit via Moodle.

Which category of Fellowship is right for me?

Initially, if you are not sure which category of Fellowship to apply for you may find this link from Advance HE useful. The Fellowship Category Tool has been designed to assist you in selecting the category of Fellowship that is the closest match to your current practice :-

Fellowship Category Tool

PgCertAP HE 

If you are on a full-time academic contract and have been teaching in HE for less than five years (full time equivalent), you are required to take the PgCert AP HE.  This is a teaching qualification which also gives you Advance HE Fellowship on successfully completing the course.

Susan Bray,  Academic Developer (Professional Recognition),