Review of Professional Practice (RPP) has been shown to be beneficial to teaching staff at all stages of your careers, helping to provide positive feedback to those of you who are new to teaching and as a mechanism for continual improvement for all of us in the increasingly dynamic tertiary education environment.  In this way, teaching observation provides a mechanism for helping to tackle areas of concern that may be generic, as well as supporting your individual professional development.

There are two types of teaching observations within RPP:

  • The Management-led Teaching Observation scheme in which all teaching staff take part
  • The Peer Observation scheme where staff share good practice with each other

All reviewers will need to attend a training workshop to ensure they understand the criteria outlined on the Teaching Observation and Peer Observation forms. The 'Overview of RPP' document on the righthand menu, help to explain how it works and gives guidance on good practice for reviewers as well as those being reviewed.  

If you have been nominated to do teaching observations by your management, please contact Julie Haworth to ensure you are booked on to one of the forth-coming academic development workshops.

If you would like to attend a training workshop to gain a greater understanding of RPP (for example, how to facilitate Peer Reviews), please contact us here.