Module Leaders make a real difference to the provision of excellent student experiences which are designed at a course-level to be cohesive and coherent  

(CU QUILT, Defining the Module Leader Role, Doc: BQ1T13/27R)



At CU, module leaders play a key role working as part of the course team and ensuring that a course-based approach to teaching and learning is provided. This important role is primarily responsible for ensuring quality and making sure that excellent learning experiences are provided for all students studying the module and on the course as a whole. 

In practice, it means module leaders are the people responsible, and accountable, for the quality of their modules leading module developments, reviews, operations and delivery.  The role involves making sure academic standards and regulatory requirements are maintained. At times this may mean working as full members of different course teams especially when the module is part of multiple courses.


ML responsibilites.png



It is important for aspiring, new and established module leaders to understand their role, responsibilities and accountabilities as well as keeping up-to-date with changes. Even though module leaders do not line-manage course team members they do lead the module team and student cohort.