Teaching and Learning Excellence - The Coventry Way

 What is this eBook about and who is it for?

‘The Coventry Way’ is a phrase we use to highlight how we constantly strive to enhance our students’ experiences and this eBook is a collation of teaching and learning case studies that have been tried and tested by CUG staff across our multi-disciplinary landscape. 

There are six parts to this eBook with six case studies in each part. These represent the main themes of the CUG Education Strategy and represent teaching across the group: CU Scarborough, CU London, CU Coventry, Coventry University London and Coventry University.  Click on any of the titles in the Table of Contents and they will take you straight to the case study you wish to view.

All case studies were peer-reviewed by an internal panel of senior academics across CUG and this eBook is available as an open access resource for the Higher Education sector globally.  Click on the book's cover to access this eBook

The ISBN for this publication is 978-1-84600-092-8.                    Publication date: 25th June, 2019

To cite this book, the reference is:

Simmons, C. (ed.) (2019) Teaching and Learning Excellence - The Coventry Way. [online]  Coventry: Coventry University. Available from <https://doi.org/10.18552/2019CUGCW1> 25 June 2019