Prof Mick Healey to deliver workshop at CU

Academic colleagues are invited to join us for a workshop on "Engaging students and staff as partners in learning and teaching"  to be delivered by Prof Mick Healey. 

Ways of engaging students and staff in higher education as partners in learning and teaching is arguably one of the most important issues facing higher education in the 21st Century. Partnership is essentially a process for engaging students, though not all engagement involves partnership. It is a way of doing things, rather than an outcome in itself.

This interactive session will explore four ways in which partnership may occur:

a) Learning, teaching and assessment;

b) Subject-based research and inquiry;

c) Scholarship of teaching and learning; and

d) Curriculum design and pedagogic advice and consultancy.

Particular attention will be paid to how we may build on and move beyond simply asking students for their views and involve them as change agents who can have an impact on the teaching and learning that they and their fellow students experience, through mentoring staff, co-researching teaching and learning, and co-designing the curriculum. 

Prof Healey is an HE Consultant and Researcher and Emeritus Professor at the University of Gloucestershire, UK.

The workshop will take place on Wednesday 15th May, 13:30-16:30. To reserve your place, go to the booking system: