Let's talk about BTECs...

Did you know that Coventry University is part of the University Alliance group in terms of values in higher education? This includes our commitment to the employability success of our graduates, particularly in vocational work. The University Alliance group is business-facing but also focused in many of our courses towards championing those vocational areas which fall outside pure research.

Have a closer look at what the University Alliance partnership means here: https://www.unialliance.ac.uk/about/

Which brings me to a subject that many of you will know occurs on open days and in your teaching, learning and assessment: the student who has a mix of acceptable criteria in entry points of which the BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) qualification is part of this.  

I recall giving talks to potential students and their parents at open days about what we are looking for in a ‘successful student’ and at the end of which, questions always leaned towards what level the entry stages for this university are, particularly in terms of our BTEC requirements.

So, it’s timely then, to share a blog from WONKHE (Higher Education: policy people and politics) which raises the issue of the BTEC student and their compatibility with A level entrants to university: 


In this blog, Gabriel Huntley tells us: ‘Around a third of students at Alliance universities enter with at least one BTEC. These students are often among the best prepared at problem-solving and working in teams.’

Heartening then, that BTEC is not just an entry point, but also a way for us to embrace our equality, diversity and inclusive ethos - see here for our commitment to students who join us from alternative routes.

In the meantime, however you engage with your students regardless of what prior learning they have, the BTEC entry point emphasises how valuable team-working and problem-solving attributes are. Designing your curriculum to enhance these areas for students helps to ensure graduate success.