Building a taxonomy for digital learning

The QAA has published new guidance -Building a Taxonomy for Digital Learning- which they state is aimed and helping to build a common language to describe digital approaches to programme delivery.  The guidance is divided into three sections:

·       Building an understanding of common terms – this section outlines how different terms have been used and how they are likely to be interpreted by potential learners.  It does this by comparing terms that are often used interchangeably.  For example, online, virtual or digital; blended or hybrid; distance or remote; face-to-face, in-person, on campus or onsite; social or physical distancing

·       Building a taxonomy of students’ digital experience – this section provides broad classifications of digital learning.  Providing descriptions of what the student experience might be like using the different approaches.  The different classifications of student digital engagement/experience are:

o   Passive

o   Supportive

o   Augmented

o   Interactive

o   Immersive

·       Glossary – the final section is a glossary of terms.