Academics from across the CU Group are engaged in excellent teaching, using innovative approaches to maximise the student experience and embody the six pillars of the Education Strategy. Our collection of Teaching Excellence case studies showcases a selection of these practices.  Our thanks to all colleagues who have shared their practice for this collection.

Teaching Excellence case studies collection

Whilst reading these case studies, you may wish to refer to information about what is meant by Level 3,4,5,6 and 7 at UK Universities (source: IELL).

Image: Priscillla du Preez,

“Experiential learning: Real-world scenarios at the Simulation Centre” by Janet Campbell (Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing)​

"Living in a digital world: Enhancing students’  intercultural awareness through global research projects" by Ady Evans (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

"Air crash investigation: A problem-based learning approach to develop study  and employability skills" by Caroline Lambert (Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing)

"Broadening horizons: Internationalising the curriculum through an Online International Learning project" by Amrita Narang (CU Coventry)

"Let’s fly to Dubai: Enhancing students’ industrial experience through a project-based module" by Charlotte Collins (Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing) 

"Fashion goes global: Insights into industry across cultures" by Ann Muirhead (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

"Peer narratives for threshold concepts" by Jo Mason (Faculty of Health and Life Sciences)

"Siteseeing: Enhancing students’ professional networks through an Online International Learning (OIL) project" by Heidi Saarinen (Faculty and Arts and Humanities)

"Legitimate peripheral participation: Exploring the role of situated learning environments as complimentary to formal assessment in an undergraduate photography degree" by Dan Bosworth (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

"Real-world group projects in industrial product innovation" by Patricia Ashman, Nick Golsby and David Parfitt (Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing) 

"FOCUS (Focus on Careers and Unique Skills): A cross-disciplinary professionalisation initiative" by Monique Hylands-White and Ash Coles (Coventry University London)                                                    

"Flipped learning: Using videos and badging to maximise class time" by Andrew Tickle (Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing)

"Academic Skills for MA: A student driven, subject-specific study support programme" by Zoe Gazely-Eke (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

"The use of online media in classroom for enhancing students’  learning experiences: YouTube, Socrative and Kahoot" by Xiaojue (Jessica) An (Faculty of Business and Law)

"Bricking it! Using LEGO to achieve deeper understanding of legal concepts" by Sam Woods-Peel (CU Scarborough)

"Enhancing sustainability awareness in civil engineering education" by Shervin Motamedi (Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing) 

"Teaching practice as community outreach: Connecting students and refugees through English lessons" by Elwyn Lloyd (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

"Technology enabled teaching: An international industry collaboration" (Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing) 

"Engaging students and breaking down barriers through innovative learning spaces" by Clive Hilton (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)