Let’s fly to Dubai: Enhancing students’ industrial experience through a project-based module



Students are set a challenge to project manage the launch of a new product to market, and, in so doing, set up a business in the UK and Dubai. 


Link to Education Strategy Pillars

  • Intercultural and international engagement
  • Embedded employability
  • Creativity and enterprise



The course team wanted to increase opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate their professionalbehaviours and theoretical understanding in an industrial context. A module (315SE Aerospace Industry Studies) was created with a specific focus on preparing the students for the workplace.



  • As a result of this module, students are able to applybusiness and project management skills to a complex project as an integral part of their engineering degree.

Student Feedback

“The guest lecturers [...] are good and informative,

hearing from the experiences of previous students.”


“Multiple sessions with people from industry in a range of subjects [...] deepens our understanding and prospects.”


Top Tips

  • Professional networks are invaluable: the activities are possible thanks to the faculty’s strong links with EAU, and the course team’s contacts with alumni (e.g. through LinkedIn).
  • Advance planning is key when organising guest speakers, and to ensuring that the course team can dedicate time to supporting the trip to Dubai.
  • Setting up the module in the first place waslabour intensive, but it has been repeated several times, which made the initial investment worthwhile.