Experiential learning: Real-world scenarios at the Simulation Centre


This initiative, part of the ‘Living in a Digital World’module, was designed to give students chance to undertake professional research projects within global contexts, thereby enhancing their intercultural aware- ness as well as employability skills. 


Link to Education Strategy Pillars

  • Intercultural and international engagement
  • Embedded employability
  • Research inspired teaching


Students on many courses need to develop practical skillsfor environments that they cannot easily or safely gain access to. Places such as building sites (for Construction Engineering students), refugee camps (Geography), or major events where crowd control may be required, such as music festivals (Disaster Management), are all ordinarily off limits to students. However, they still need to be able to develop competencies to work effectively within them.

This is where the Simulation Centre comes in. A purpose-built facility designed to enable experiential learning, it allows students to be immersed in real-time, dynamic scenarios, developed in collaboration with course teams and industry partners.


  • The Sim Centre allows students to “fail safely” in a simulated environment, rather than in real-world situations.
  • Students are able to draw upon their experiences in job interviews, just as they would do with traditional work experience, to give examples of how they have acted in different situations.

Feedback from clients

“An amazing, realistic, well thought-out and useful facility”


“An effective tool to test and train in a variety of different situations, in a safe environment. A bril- liant situational awareness and feedback tool”