Broadening horizons: Internationalising the Curriculum through an OIL project


This initiative is part of an OIL project.


Link to Education Strategy Pillars

  • Intercultural and international engagement
  • Embedded employability
  • Innovation and digital fluency



The course team were keen to give students on the BA Early Childhood Development and Learning the opportunity to gain international experience. Specifically, it was important for students to gain comparative insights into how literacy and numeracy is approached in another culture, as well as developing cross cultural under- standing and diversity.



  • The course team found that the OIL projects effectively supported the widening participation agenda, whilst promoting digital literacy for staff and students alike. They also found the projects to be efficient in terms of financial cost and time.
  • The projects were successful in enabling students to interact with international peers, allowing them to develop alternative perspectives on key topics addressed in the course, and to develop the crucial skill of reflecting on their own practice within the field.


Student Feedback

“Really positive interaction. We had lots of questions to ask and be asked [...] both us and Denmark were shocked by the differences in the Curriculum!”


“As a group we feel like our interaction was really good and was very informative.”


Top Tips

  • Attending OIL seminars organised by CGE provided a useful starting point to gain insight and inspiration into how OIL projects can work.
  • Technology and use of equipment did pose some challenges, however these were resolved by careful project planning by the course team and their counterparts who were based in Copenhagen.