Many thanks to those of you who have completed the Staff Development Survey as part of the Essentials course on The Coventry Way: Understanding your role in supporting teaching and learning.

The survey highlighted some key areas where people need, or would like, some further personal development. 


Knowledge transfer

A large number of academic staff expressed an interest in how to get involved in knowledge transfer outside of the University.

The Enterprise & Innovation Group is responsible for driving forward enterprise initiatives and commercialising business ideas across a range of industry sectors – from transport, construction, and manufacturing, to healthcare, biosciences, and the creative industries. More information and contacts for staff can be found here




Two thirds of academic staff wanted to know more about gaining Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. 


All details can be found here.



As physical student mobility is going to be more difficult going forward the use of Collaborative Online Learning (COIL) is going to be an essential way of developing students’ cultural competence. Staff highlighted this as an area where they need more information.


Staff can contact the Centre for Global Engagement (CGE) to arrange 1-1 COIL consultations by emailing  CGE are currently in the process of creating a COIL handbook/online toolkit which will be available for staff soon.  Introduction to COIL sessions are run regularly and can be booked through The course booking site.



Staff would also like more support on using digital technologies and working in the digital world. 

There are many seminars and workshops available on the course booking system focussing on digital skills such as using Aula.  Also there is a wealth of information about teaching in the digital world available here.




Over a third of academic staff were not confident of how they could contribute to the CQEM process. 

There are a number of personal development sessions on the course booking system in November and December to learn more about CQEM and the Dashboard of data.  Further information on the CQEM process can be found here.




Staff wanted to know more about “inclusive assessment” and “developing students’ assessment literacy”.  There is a comprehensive guide to assessment practices and processes available here. There are also sessions being run by Academic Development on inclusive assessment on the course booking system.  Not many academic staff had used alternative methods to explain assessment to students so support resources will be developed outlining strategies that can be used.




A significant number of staff wanted to know more about research opportunities.  Staff can already apply to become “Research Associates” of our research centres, where between 20% and 50% of their time is allocated to working with the research centre.  Additionally at Coventry the new “Aspire” programme is being rolled out this year.  This is a development programme that focusses on early career researchers who may want to become Associates or core members of our research centres. AHoS Research in your School will be able to respond to queries. With regard to personal development, events and activities for all researchers from ‘PhD to Professor’ are facilitated by the ReCap Team at the Doctoral College & Centre for Research Capability and Development.