Many of our staff would like to create a space where like-minded academics and professional staff can meet up to explore specific areas of interest. 

We can help you to set up faculty learning communities (FLCs) where you can discuss ideas, projects, publications and research into those areas which may transcend your subject field.

Perhaps you would like to research your ideas based on a particular topic, theme, or maybe in an area of teaching and learning where you would like to take your interest further?

We are very keen to nurture communities of practice where staff can meet  and take their ideas further and we will support, facilitate and provide spaces for you to engage with others across the CU Group. 

Let us know where your curiosity needs a helping hand and we will do our best to support a group which you would like to create, or we can match you to colleagues with similar interests to yours. Use the contacts on this page to let us know how we can help.