"Designing appropriate assessments" webinar

** UPDATE: Webinar resources now available from: https://xot.futureteacher.eu/play.php?template_id=4#topnav **

he next in the series of Future Teacher's excellent webinars focuses on Designing Appropriate Assessments. This free session will take place on Friday 30th November at 1pm. 

In the words of the organisers: 

"In many areas of education, creative teaching is undermined by a lack of creative assessment. When the assessment is 'write an essay' then it is hard to justify assignments that encourage different ways of showing skill and understanding. This session explores how technology - at worst - can help us better prepare students for traditional assessments and - at best - empower us to create alternative assessment that are more engaging, more inclusive and less boring to mark."

Assessment design is crucial to our role as educators. To quote Biggs and Tang (2011: 221), “assessment is the senior partner in learning and teaching. Get it wrong and the rest collapses”. So, what are you waiting for..? To book your place, go to: https://xot.futureteacher.eu/play.php?template_id=4

Reference: Biggs, J. and Tang, K. (2011) Teaching for quality learning at University. 4th ed. Maidenhead: Oxford University Press.