Future of Assessment - report from Jisc

This report, The Future of Assessment, identifies five principles where technology can be used to transform assessment:

Authentic: preparing the learner for what they are going to do next, meeting employer needs and testing knowledge and skills in a more realistic, contextualised and motivating way.

Accessible: designed throughout to be usable by everyone to the greatest possible extent, including those who have a long-term disability, a short-term injury or a mental health challenge.

Appropriately automated: easing teachers’ marking and feedback workload, and providing quicker, more detailed and more actionable feedback for students.

Continuous: rich in practice opportunities and reflecting the fact that students today need to be capable of lifelong learning, to adapt to changes in the world of work and across their lives rather than succeeding at one highstakes, high-stress exam.

Secure: ensuring that the right student is taking the right assessment and that the work they are submitting is their own and abides by the rules.

The report provides case studies and examples of tools that can support assessment.