Digital capabilities webinar, Wed 2nd May

This week, ELESIG will be hosting a webinar titled "How do learners experience the development of digital capabilities in the curriculum?".

Facilitator: Tünde Varga-Atkins of the University of Liverpool
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Time/date: 12 – 1pm, Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Information from the facilitator: "The development of digital capabilities has received much attention in education in the last few years. My doctoral study, adopting JISC’s digital capabilities framework, aims to explore how the development of digital capabilities are planned, enacted and experienced in the curriculum in particular disciplinary contexts using multiple-case study methodology. The units of analysis will encompass undergraduate modules from two disciplines (engineering and management), drawing on a range of informants’ data, including academic, employer/professional, student perspectives - and documentary sources. In this webinar, I will focus on reporting students’ experience of their development of digital capabilities. I will also discuss the research methods I have drawn on, such as documentary analysis, interviews, surveys and observation and what I have learnt about using these methods for learner experience research."