Assessing Competences – Entrepreneurship and Sense of Initiative & Social Competences

The Erasmus+ project SOCCES (SOCial Competences, Entrepreneurship and Sense of initiative development and assessment framework) developed an assessment framework for two transversal competences – Social Competences, Entrepreneurship and Sense of initiative.

The rationale for the project was based on a recognition that while the status of the basic competences (e.g., mathematics, science and technology competences) is well established, the development of the curricula and assessment of transversal competences (e.g., civic, social or entrepreneurship competences) is lagging behind.

Through this project an assessment framework was developed and this is available on the project web-site (  The framework provides a means to:

  • Define and describe these entrepreneurial and social competences for their students
  • Support students with the development of these competences in an inclusive, virtually enabled setting
  • Assess and provide feedback to their students on how they are progressing in the development of entrepreneurial and social competences

Feedback on the framework also identified that the framework has potential value as a mapping tool for courses interested in embedding these competences.  By providing a definition it helps course teams develop shared understanding, often a challenge with transferable competences, and then using the attached areas of competence providing a mechanism to map both the expected level being developed inteh course and in which modules.

If using the framework in this way is of interest please contact the Academic Development team.

Areas of competence